If you read the title I bet it caught your attention, I know you’re probably wondering what breed am I talking about? Well…I’m talking about the breed of girls that become teenagers, that transform into young ladies evolving into women that are just different from the rest. Where did we go?

If you’ve read my blogs before then you would know that I am the last out 5 children and the last girl in the bunch.The other 3 siblings before me are guys, with the eldest and first born being my sister but she’s like 2 decades older than me. Anyway I remember growing up in the 90’s throughout the early 2000’s it was cool to be a tomboy; a girl that could rock air force one’s 1 minute and change into her jelly flats the next minute, while walking away from a gruesome battle of Mortal Combat with the guys.

Like I said before I’m the last girl and my 3 older siblings are boys so they were always in charge; those that personally know me would ask why am I so tough? Well I grew up with boys… how could I be soft? I had no say in anything at home whatever the guys did I copied, wherever they went I tagged along. My brothers had a way that pretty much made me realize it was either to jump on board with their plans or stay alone in my sad little corner playing with my shadow. That wasn’t going to happen so whatever my brother’s watched or did I tailed along. I think I was the only 10 year girl to have a full 6 pack in the 4th grade.

Yet it was normal because it was the time for girls to stand out from the crowd and not be stereotyped as the prissy tutu pink soft lovers that our parents tried to brand us to be. My generation of women are the ones that made it fun to watch wrestling; we made it cool to beat the boys at video games, and go one- on- one on the basketball court. We made it interesting to play flag football, not mention lift weights or bench press 125 thank you very  much. (Pat on my back.) We are the ones that were able to lace up our sneakers yet turn around throw on a dress and the next day shock the whole male body at how good we looked. Now I’ve seen some women who couldn’t strike a balance between casual or glam to save Smokey the Bear from a forest fire. Oh trust me I understand that women have matured and times have changed but has all change been for the better or worse?

Back then as girls we would dance to Uncle Luc shaking our little booties but we ran outside and climbed trees, now in days little girls on social media making twerk videos and the older girls are acting a damn fool. Where are the young ladies that could catch a frisbee but still walk in high heels without falling? Have we been replaced by the “models” on IG showing all their ASSets?  Call me old fashioned but I have a group of friends that actually love being a mystery without a clue, we can wear bandanas and shorts but go full fleek in an hour if the event calls for it.

Why can’t the women from my generation teach and educate the younger ones now? Because everyone is trying to fit in; and sadly for women we compete not complete. I wonder are women like the ones I grew up with or the ones I grew up admiring and wanting to become extinct? Have we become the last of our kind to only be subjected to what media says that the women of this generation should be?

I hope not and I intend to make sure that the young ladies in my blood line never settle in the box but go outside it.


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