What does that even mean right? “I’m better than you” such an insult and quite frankly fighting words, only the most stuck up, boogy, snobbiest of individuals seem to believe that they’re better than the rest of the world. I’m guessing they believe that they’re feet don’t touch the ground; news flash! We are all trying to avoid stepping into that same pile of doggy poop on the sidewalk regardless if the shoes are Jimmy Choo or Raggedy Anne’s from Payless, no one’s footwear needs the latest in stink fashion.

I had this very prissy mentality with crazy high standards to match back in the day. Now it’s good to have standards don’t get me wrong but at 15 who really knows what they want? Yet I had this air about me that made even the most confident person in the room feel 2 inches tall; while I was cute as a button my insides didn’t match what was on the outside, it was dirty and mean, in basic plain English my personality was stank. I don’t know about anyone else but as for me being told I was stank woke something up inside of me, realizing that my persona was hurting the very essence of who I was: my best friends . They shunned me and treated me like garbage, it was hard to reconnect with my own family members since they didn’t “fit in”… suddenly I knew what being picked last for dodgeball felt like for a change.

After swallowing a big piece of humble pie I realized that yes my shit stinks just like everybody else’s; all that time riding my coat tail was all for me, and my famous “envy me chic” line wasn’t causing others to envy me rather they were waiting to jump me outside in the parking lot or back of the classroom. So now when I see women tell other women or anyone else say : I’M BETTER THAN YOU” it makes me want to scream


We’re all trying to make it in life and how dare you stop someone from being great! We all have our roads to cross and sure

You may have gotten there first but…… not better than anyone

You may have more money but…. you’re not better than anyone

You may look hotter and have a banging body and all that can change like that but….. still not better than anyone

You may be more successful, famous, and even may have more Instagram followers(idk why that counts) but… once again no one is better than anyone.

You’re stature, money, looks, position , career, popularity or even skin pigmentation doesn’t make one better than anyone else; while it may set us apart for the time being in the end it’s what’s on the inside that really matters (I know so cliche). So the next time a person fixes their mouth to let someone know how much “better they are” than someone else.. maybe they should take a step back off that pedestal and realize it’s time to grow .ugh


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