Learning Lessons

I don’t pretend to know everything or be the smartest or have it all together even on the last day of the year there are valuable lessons to be learned. Yesterday my younger sister who’s adopted stopped by house to see me after not speaking or seeing each other for the last year; she may be adopted but that’s my baby sister and also my best friend she told me that she was angry with me for not being the best friend, or the big sister that she needed for me to be during that time. Here I was thinking that I was an awesome friend to her but in reality…. it was the exact opposite. So after we kissed and made up I realized that even though 2016 is coming to an end, that doesn’t mean that class is dismissed.2016 was a hit and miss year for me there were some ups and downs, some smile and frowns not to mention ton of tears along the way. I learned that:

  • Determination-The journey of 1000 miles start with 1 step my pastor always says a couple of steps were made excited for the rest
  • Trust in the Lord- He is literally my strength and my song, my strong tower in where I find my help. If everything seemed to go wrong through the year one thing never changed and that was that God is an ever present help, through some scary situations He was there on the main line and because of that my walk has gotten 10x better.
  • Patience is key- At the right time in my life certain doors have opened up already, and more will continue to open up every promise and prophecy over my head will come to past.
  • Drop the baggage- This year I got the chance to release all my baggage that I’ve ever held in safe setting without being jugged. Not only do I feel a change but others see a change which feels great besides no one wants to deal with a person who’s always upset and carries a ton of baggage behind them
  • Love is tricky- Love is tricky especially when you’re trying to have something meaningful in a hookup generation
  • I need mommy still- Yes I’m a mama’s girl and if I need her to make me a home cooked meal and tuck me in at night when I’m sick, or hold my hand while a nurse sticks a needle into my arm that’s perfectly fine don’t hate.
  • Family is everything- I lost my aunt, uncle and cousin all this month in days of each other… the ones that are alive I plan to make the best of a relationship with them
  • Study hard- Classes are hard this isn’t high school where I could skid off of how cute I look anymore it actually takes opening the books not just buying them
  • True friends are worth it- I got some of the best friends money can’t buy and even though I was burned badly by an ex bestie before, true friends are there for each other no matter what
  • True love waits- So I didn’t get married or meet the love of my life this year. Oh how I wanted to; but the Lord said he’s coming and I believe he’s coming next year

This is just a couple of things 2016 taught me and with a few hours left the teacher is giving last minute instructions. What have you learned/ learning?


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