The Strange thing About Strange

Happy New Year everybody! I know it’s February and all but since I haven’t posted since last year, well you get my drift. Did anyone make New Year’s Resolutions? I hope not… I mean you’re going to break it eventually or already have so what’s the point.  I’ll get into the juicy stuff later on now down to tonight’s post.

You guys know when a person advises you NOT to do something your first instinct is to do the exact thing they told you not to. Well today I was at work scrolling through my IG account(yes I scroll social media at work who doesn’t?) But as I was scrolling I read a post about this movie called: The Strange thing About the Johnsons, what caught my attention was the caption above the post in bold letters :” Do’not watch this movie”; so I wanted to know why shouldn’t I watch the movie as I swiped through the comments on my very limited data plan (T-Mobile I hate you by the way), I noticed negative comments made about the movie. Some called it disgusting, others called it in lamix terms eww! So being the natural nerd that I am I decided to Google the film and it gave a brief synopsis of it. Low and behold tonight as I was minding my business on Facebook someone else on my newsfeed posted the exact same post with the exact same caption: “DON’T WATCH THIS MOVIE”. So that makes 2 different people at totally different times of the day saying the same message so of course by natural human curiosity… I decided to watch the film.

Within 5 minutes I was on YouTube typing in the movie title: The Strange Thing about the Johnsons and was watching this 29 minute film. I have to admit… it was strange but strange isn’t the word to describe it , it was weird and  very sad to watch. A young man since he was 12 years old repeatedly molest and abuses his father even after he gets married to a woman. Hmmm…. so what’s strange about that right? Let me repeat it for you. The son had sexually abused his father for years, and even when the son got married he was still abusing his daddy. Strange right?

Here’s the thing about  strange…. it’s actually not so strange after all.( Why do I say that?) Well if you think about it and flip the roles just a tad bit hasn’t this been happening in our world already for far too long? Haven’t parents; siblings, as well as other family members along strangers, teachers, family friends, babysitters, medical professionals, and even in some cases pastors/ priest done this before? So what’s so strange about it now; is it the fact that instead of the victim being younger and the abuser being an elder the roles were reversed?

Albert Einstein once stated: ” Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.”

How many movies and stories the list can go on for ever have we heard of young ladies, young boys, little girls and boys getting molested or raped; how many times has the news come on and we see that a teacher entered a “relationship” with an under aged child yet once again but nothing ever changes, it just keeps happening. I felt bad for the father because he was crippled by fear, confusion, should he tell the police, should he write about it and publish it? Should he tell his wife? all these questions, feelings with no outlet ultimately left him dead inside. However I understand what angle the director took with this story, he changed it up to get people talking but the issue of sexual abuse, again just by shaking it up.

Yet you know the thing about strange being not so strange?  I bet we start to pay just a little more attention to our children now won’t we .


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