Connections LET’S TALK!

Lately I’ve been hating my job it’s become quite boring and routine which often leads me to take naps in the middle of my shift; When I first started I was always on time, eager to make a difference, and willing to help. Now…. I dread going into work; it’s difficult for me to get out of bed without hitting snooze at least 3 time, also I really don’t care to show up or not. Needless to say I’m barely on time and quick to say no when anyone ask for help, lucky for them I’m a nice person and still end up helping, if only there was a way to make some serious money legally without leaving my bed .

I don’t mean to sound rude or grateful because I am truly grateful that I have a job especially when you realize how many people don’t have one; I guess I’m over it and want to move on to something better, something where I can really use my talents and aid others. When you think about it how much  help can a radio station receptionist provide a person? The answer only about so much. So as I sat in my cubicle today as I had for the last couple of weeks debating when  I should walk out with my middle fingers up… at least in my head;  flip the computer over,  and stay home waiting for the next interview to be scheduled, a call came in.

Do you believe that everyone has or will have a chance connection at least once in their lifetime? Well for me that’s always been the case when it comes to people I meet, places I go, or even sometimes things I can say; imagine being drawn to another person based solely on the words that come out your mouth. It happens a lot and I’ve gotten used to it; it usually feels like I’ve known this individual for years and not 5 minutes. I call this DIVINE CONNECTIONS.

A woman was on the other end of my line in tears! Overwhelmed and confused as to what was going on with her children; why weren’t they advancing in life, why they seemed to leave projects unfinished and the list goes on. Here’s where DIVINE CONNECTION kicks in; I knew the woman and her children, the oldest daughter and I are friends (actually more like pretend mother and daughter.) How interesting that on my extension was someone I had known for years . I felt compelled to help; 5 years ago my mother and I would go head to head about school and my future, after getting some sound advice here I am getting ready to be done with school in September. I understood exactly how my friend’s mother felt since I once placed her in that same position, after getting this distressed mom to calm down  and giving some advice that was passed down, I promised to speak to my friend in anyway possible to help.  Sure I may not be where I want to be just yet but; I’m not where I used to be nor am I staying in my present space.

How many times have you missed a divine connection all because you being impatient?  Or by wanting to do things your own way in your own time missing out on chanced opportunities? What would’ve happened today had I not taken that call? Here I was thinking that this job is holding me back from helping people, low and behold speaking to my mother’s friend gave me exactly what I wanted to do not in my time but in the divine timing it was suppose to. I guessed what I learned today is sometime we are in the season were supposed to be in not because it’s permanent but there’s something we’re suppose to learn, a task to complete and a connection to meet.


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