Hey world what’s up?

I go by the name of Tini, and I am a writer and blogger. I love to express myself whether it’s speaking the honest truth, or making you laugh. I am a student going for her bachelor degree in the Health field; so excuse me if I don’t always post, especially since this is my last year .

Ever had the need or urge to tell that girl in the club she’s looking real ratchet, or how about the guy that approaches every woman in the bar, at the club, at school, at work, and even in church with same pickup lines to shut up and stop being thirsty? Well I do and of course I’m not afraid of anyone! However I hate drama, so to avoid I keep everything to myself…. until now 😉

This is what the blog, my blogs are about: being bold, honest and keeping it 100! Cause I’m so fancy


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